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The 1st Community Token for the Bitrock Network...

We all know about Bitrock - an extremely robust L2 ecosystem developed with faster transaction times (the quickest in the industry and much faster than Polygon in fact), near zero gas fees (<$0.000001), an expert team who conduct AMAs every single week, a supportive community, and probably the fastest growing L2 in the world of crypto today.

And so it only makes sense to introduce you to the 1st ever Test Token developed by the Bitrock Team:

Rockstar ($RR) which has now been converted into a Community Token, with a renounced contract, a happy smile from the Bitrock Team (even if they are not part of the project), and a community that are driven to turn this Community Token into a real project with real utility.

Tokenomics & Liquidity

Senior members of the community have engaged in a commitment to lock liquidity for at least 12 months. This amount of locked liquidity is consistently growing with more and more members locking liquidity to protect the project.

Total Supply
973.30 B

Tax Distribution
Buy / Sell Tax : 0%

Locked LP Tokens
2438.9 (15 community members)

Official Contract Address

Join Our Community

Join the @RR community and become part of the 1st Community Token Project to ever exist on the Bitrock Network

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Bitrock Main Network
Chain ID: 7171
Symbol: BROCK