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We know that some of you will join our growing community at different stages. So here is a comprehensive guide on how to not only swap your Bitrock (BROCK) for Rockstar (RR), but how to buy BROCK and how to get BROCK onto the mainnet.

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Buying Bitrock on Ethereum

At this stage, we assume you already have a wallet with Ethereum, but if not, and this is all completely new to you, click here to learn how to buy Ethereum (this guide is coming soon). Because you will need Ethereum to get Bitrock.

Visit UNISWAP (click here and it will take you directly to the correct contract for BROCK) INSIDE your wallet browser if using a phone or any browser that supports your wallet extension if using a desktop.

Connect your wallet (ensure you are on the Ethereum Network in your wallet). Approve if requested.

Select ETH as the token that you would like to swap in exchange for BROCK and enter the amount.

Set your slippage to 5-6% (this only applies to UNISWAP between BROCK/ETH and does not apply to swapping USDT for BITROCK on centralised exchanges such as Bitmart which has 0% tax/slippage).

Hit the swap button and confirm the transaction. BROCK will be visible in your wallet within 10 minutes (give or take a few minutes).

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Bridging from Ethereum to Bitrock

At this stage you should already have Bitrock in your wallet, but before you bridge, you will need to add the Bitrock Mainnet to your wallet.


Go to the option to add a custom network to your wallet. To see how that is done on Metamask click here. All other wallets should follow a similar method.


Use the following details when creating the Bitrock Mainnet in the above step – click here.


Now ensure your wallet is switched to the Ethereum Network and visit: The Sphinx Bridge INSIDE your wallet browser if using a phone or any browser that supports your wallet extension if using a desktop.


Ensure you are switched to the Ethereum Network and connect your wallet; it should automatically populate ETH as the network on the bridge page.


Select Bitrock as your currency. The “To Chain” section will auto-fill with Bitrock Network.


APPROVE Bitrock spending. Metamask requires you to select DEFAULT not MAX as the custom spending cap.


Enter the amount you would like to bridge.


Click NEXT and confirm the transaction with your wallet.


Wait for transaction to complete. DO NOT LEAVE OR CLOSE THE WINDOW. Bridging can take a few moments.


Once confirmation window appears you are good to go. Your Bitrock will arrive on the native network soon (between 2 to 15 mins).

Buying Bitrock on Bitmart and Withdrawing to Bitrock Network

At this stage, we assume you already have a Bitmart account. But if not, then hit the button below.


Navigate to trade ensuring you have USDT available to trade with. If you don’t then sell something for USDT, buy USDT, or deposit USDT from a wallet to your Bitmart account.


Buy BITROCK using the trade tool. Yes, it really is that easy. Your BITROCK will be automatically allocated to your trade address on Bitmart.


Now navigate to My Assets, click on Spot, and click the Withdraw button.


Select BROCK and click Send via Crypto Network.


Enter your wallet address, select BROCK as the network, enter the amount and hit Withdraw Now. Your Bitrock should arrive at your wallet within 10 minutes.

Swapping Bitrock (BROCK) for Rockstar (RR)

So now you have Bitrock on the mainnet, it’s time for you to buy into one of the best projects on the network which has a 0% tax and a lot of utility coming up. Swapping here is easy and works the same way as all the other popular swap tools.


Visit Rockswap using the in-app browser of your wallet on your phone or a browser that supports your wallet extension.


Ensure your wallet is switched to the Bitrock Network and connect the wallet to Rockswap.


Copy the contract address below:


Go back to Rockswap, click the dropdown that states Token in the second box/field, and paste the address.


Click on the settings icon and set your slippage to 0.1% on low volume or up to 4% on high volume (don’t worry, there are ZERO TAXES).


Enter the amount of BROCK you would like to swap and hit the swap button (it may ask you to approve 1st). Once you do that, your wallet will ask you to confirm. Go ahead and do that, wait a few moments, and watch your RR balance grow.

Official Contract Address

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